Flutter Bootcamp


No matter if you want to build a brand new App, or add new features to an existing one: with Flutter you can do it faster and better. We have built our 8-days Flutter coding Bootcamp to teach you everything you need to start building Apps in the real world.
Need more? We also offer one-to-one or small group private training.



Becoming a Flutter developer is about learning a way of thinking, not just about expertise with a specific set of tools. For that reason, together with Flutter-specific topics, we also teach good software design and best-practices, algorithms, data structures, and code readings.

With our intense 8 days course you will learn:

   Dart Basics

Basics of the Dart programming language and its core advantages.

   Flutter Intro

        Basics concepts of the Flutter framework and why is so great.

   UI Basics

        One of the most powerful Flutter features is its Material Design integration to create amazing designs with just a few lines of code.

   State Management

        How to update the user interface interactively responding to user input or from asynchronous callbacks.


        Smoothly animate UI elements with Flutter, with fast renderings.


        Networking is the heart of an App: it’s used every time we need to fetch data or communicate with the world.

   Reactive Coding

        State Management for the Business Logic of an App is the key for an efficient and powerful App.


        Firebase tools are almost essential in any App. You can integrate them in a matter of minutes in Flutter, with the ready-to-use SDK.


The course is divided into 8 different lectures, There will be 2 hours of  Live Sessions every weekend, to learn new topics, Live Code, build an App along with our instructor, and Open Work Time, to experiment by yourself with what you have learned so far.


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