Fast-paced development and quicker time-to-deploy and market are the key factors deciding the success of any firm in today’s IT industry.

An advanced approach for deploying containerized application in a cloud environment
If you are running your applications on a container, then it is obvious that managing containers for production is a challenge. We observe some key challenges faced by the firms with the growing transition of workloads to fully production-grade containers include:
  • Monitoring running containers
  • Handling breakdown containers
  • Ensuring zero downtime during resilience of containers

This is where Kubernetes Security comes into the limelight to aid your IT business!

Defining Kubernetes

Kubernetes, commonly stylized as k8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications across cluster of hosts. Kubernetes Services eliminate the requisite for manual processes pertaining to cluster-based container systems.

As a leading container orchestration tool, the Kubernetes Container Platform allows the developers to manage cluster-based container systems quickly and efficiently.

Kubernetes vs. Docker

Kubernetes and Docker are the leading container orchestration tools that are often considered one above the other to run applications. But what makes them different?

  • Kubernetes architecture helps in container orchestration and can manage several containers across multiple machines.
  • Docker helps in developing and deploying software containers.

Why Kubernetes Solution?

Kubernetes offers a wide range of features that enhance the application performance by scaling and addressing failover, provides deployment patterns and moreover, manages the canary deployment.

With these unique features, Kubernetes enhances the capability of your container ecosystem and drives you ahead in your DevOps journey.


With the Kubernetes, one can leverage its ability to deploy cloud-based applications anywhere and manage them exactly as you like everywhere. Moreover, the automation and orchestration can scale without any additional requirement of the DevOps team.


The reliable portability of Kubernetes is a notable feature. It means that one can deploy it on premise or any public cloud or on a combined premise and public cloud infrastructure.


High Availability

Kubernetes can remain reliable and active despite unforeseen failures, avoiding unplanned downtime or service disruption. Automatic failover ensures data is always available, so containerized applications can run without any interruption.

Storage Orchestration

Kubernetes is capable of automatically using the storage system of your preference, either from public cloud provider, local storage or network storage systems like Azure, AWS Ceph, Flocker or NFS.

Business Benefits of Kubernetes

Some of the notable benefits of using Kubernetes are:


Kubernetes is capable of restarting the failed containers. It eliminates containers that do not respond to the user-defined troubleshooting. And, it replaces the malfunctioning containers with the new ones.

Automatic Roll-outs & Roll-backs

When any changes are rolled out to your application, configuration, or secrets, it ensures that they don’t affect their performance. If it finds any error, it rollbacks the changes.

Load balancing and service discovery

Kubernetes enables load balancing by offering a single DNS name for a batch of containers. So, you don’t have to redesign the applications to use any service discovery mechanism.

Unceasing Integration Workloads

Kubernetes can monitor and control all the continuous integration workloads.

EwigLife As Your ‘Kubernetes Solution Partner’

As a Certified Kubernetes Solution Provider, EwigLife Group offers the following services:

Consulting Services

Development Services

Management Services

Planning and Deployment of Apps

Big Data and Microservices Solutions

Why choose EwigLife for Kubernetes Consulting?

EwigLife is a leading Kubernetes consulting and solutions provider for enterprises in their journey to successful application development. We are a team of technical experts who can put this Enterprise Kubernetes solution tailored for your business needs.

EwigLife Kubernetes experts guide you ineffective infrastructure development by applying associated processes, tools, and resources to ensure seamless interaction across your business line. We assist you right from the beginning of your Kubernetes journey to after-care Kubernetes support and management services.

EwigLife has fortified its position in the global market by propitiously rendering its services to the vendors. We provide our consulting services across all US locations. Leverage the strategic consulting from EwigLife to transform your container infrastructure!

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